The North American Manufacturing Enterprises (NAME) Energy Group was founded in 2009 and is the leading manufacturer of data driven energy products and parent company of Power Metrics International.

Power Metrics International specializes in power management optimization systems for buildings, facilities, and commercial properties and prides itself on its innovative SP2000 product line.  The advanced systems can also be utilized to control a building’s energy usage to maximize efficiency either remotely or on site.


Its customers use PMI products to monitor energy usage and implement abatement strategies to directly gain significant cost reductions. This includes usage and demand charges which are frequently incorporated into utility bills.

By incorporating a novel switch, our SP2000 models are substantially more efficient than most traditional switchable KVAR or capacitor boxes. PMI offers a 5 year warranty and delivers an average lifespan of over 10 years.   

Educational institutions, federal agencies, military facilities and municipalities throughout the United States have completed projects exclusively with PMI products. Several notable PMI projects include: Hilton Hotels, Panza Ice Creams, Key Foods, Shoprite, Anvil International, Die-Tech, Voith Turbo, and Monroe Cables.