The ability to provide financing options, including zero out of pocket lease programs, remove affordability as a concern for our customers. NAME offers several programs, including the Capital Equipment Lease Program (CELP) and the Energy Savings Equipment Finance Program (ESEFP).  These programs allow our clients to realize immediate savings by improving the efficiency of their facility without any upfront costs.

NAME Energy Group provides turn-key solutions to our customers including site surveys and specification, project and rebate analysis, product consultation, financing and manufacturing.  The financing coupled with local utility incentives make lighting and equipment upgrades much more attractive to our customers.  Below are some additional benefits, which include:

·         Improved light levels optimized for your specific type of industry and work environment

·         New fixture options

·         Advanced Sensors, including occupancy and ambient light detection

·         Improved Security

·         Reduced demand charges. 

·         Plus much, much more

Our suite of energy saving products ranging from traditional LED, to PoE LED lighting to advanced energy management products provide real solutions to manage every aspect of your facility’s energy consumption. 

Reach out to us today for a free consultation on which of our financing solutions would be best for your situation.